What Is CompassioNow?

CompassioNow is a fully qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to establishing and supporting effective medical clinics in rural African locations where the most basic healthcare is simply unavailable. We provide resources to existing medical clinics as well as assist with establishing new medical clinics in areas where no healthcare services currently exist. We coordinate the shipment of donated equipment, supplies, instruments and medications as well as provide funding for medical personnel and training. 

CompassioNow was founded in 2005 and currently supports clinics located in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. 

The clinics we support serve approximately 70,000 people per year.

The mission of CompassioNow is to "provide essential healthcare to the world’s least served"

Why Africa? Aren’t there people in our own country who are in need?

We recognize there are many deserving people in our own community and country who are in need. We are very thankful for the many existing organizations focused on caring for those in need here in America. Our goal is to make a difference in other areas of the world where people are desperate for access to basic healthcare, but have little or nothing available. Our ultimate objective is to help build the foundation of self sufficiency in areas of the world which have suffered for decades with little or no access to medical attention, good education or a stable economy. These things must be in place for Africa to become a partner in the global community. Africa is our focus at this time. 

People in Africa certainly do need our help, but in our modern global economy, Africa is not that far away and Africa is very relevant to our daily lives. Whether we know it our not, we also need their help. You see, we depend on Africa for a variety of things that many of us don’t think or even know about. 

    • Technology
      Did you know that each of us with a cell phone is carrying around a small piece of Africa? It’s true. The metal Tantalum is what makes it possible for cell phones (as well as iPods, laptops and other portable electronics) to exude enough power to run such small devices. Tantalum is also responsible for minimizing the heat created from these electronics. This metal comes from an ore called Coltan which is found only in Australia, Brazil and Africa. However, 80% of the world’s Coltan reserves are located in Africa.
    • Oil
      America imports more oil from Africa than from the Middle East – totaling nearly 20 percent of U.S. oil imports. I’m also guessing that you probably didn’t know that African oil (specifically from the Gulf of Guinea) is of a quality much greater than almost anywhere else on the planet. It also contains very little sulfur and is therefore easier and less expensive to refine than elsewhere. 
    • AIDS
      The HIV/AIDS virus runs rampant across Africa and threatens the stability of every country on the continent. Significant progress has been made in recent years to stem the flow of newly infected patients, but there is much yet to do. If we are going to put a global stop to this ever-growing epidemic, we need to deal with it where it is most prevalent, Africa. Almost 8,000 Africans are infected with HIV every day while over 5,500 are killed by AIDS on a daily basis.

Africa isn’t just a place far away where some of us choose to send pennies a day to help starving children. It is also a critical region of the world that very much affects our daily lives here in America. One of the greatest needs in Africa today is access to basic healthcare. If people are too sick to work and too sick to learn, they cannot even begin to address the issues in their own community. This is why CompassioNow is committed to providing healthcare to the world’s least served people.

How does CompassioNow find the projects it supports?

CompassioNow is very selective as to the projects it supports. Only organizations with integrity are partnered with in order to assure our donors their money is being spent wisely. While we encourage all of our projects to be compliant with local government regulations, we do not give funds directly to African governments in order for a project to exist. All projects are monitored to review progress in terms of expected goals for patients seen, education conducted, and finances. Regular reporting is required by all projects.

Where does the money actually go?

Funds to support projects are wired directly to the bank accounts of the respective organizations providing the actual care. Or, when we send containers of supplies, equipment, and medications from the United States, funds are paid to the U.S. organizations responsible for securing and shipping the container.

Is my contribution tax deductible? How much of it goes directly to programs in Africa?

Yes, CompassioNow is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a publicly-supported non-profit institution, with a 501 (c) (3) classification. We have some donors who give to support our administrative costs. If a donor wishes to give to a particular project, 90% of their contribution goes directly to support the project.

How are CompassioNow Programs Funded?

Our donors contribute to both the operation of CompassioNow (our general fund) and to specific projects. If, however, a specific project is not fully funded, CompassioNow will pull from its general fund to cover the project costs. Individuals, families, businesses, and partnering organizations all contribute to the success of CompassioNow.

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