Passion Center Community Health Network, Malawi


The Community Health Network (CHN) in the nation of Malawi is based at the Passion Center for Children near the city of Zomba and offers new life and hope to AIDS orphans and child headed households.  This Community Health Network serves these disadvantaged children and their communities – often providing the only healthcare available to 137 villages in the area!

Medical Issues

The Passion Center provides food, shelter, medical care, clothes and access to education to over 250 AIDS orphans and child headed households.  Through this all volunteer Community Health Network, the Passion Center is working to strengthen rural communities near Zomba and stem the spread of AIDS and help to reduce the number of orphans and widows and break the cycle of poverty.  

The Staff and Training

 The Passion Center provides training to members of the CHN through health care professionals that travel to Malawi twice a year. They also provide supplies, material and equipment needed to provide basic health care services. Besides training and supplies, the Passion Center also provide accountability, mentoring and planning to the volunteer leaders. 


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