Village of Hope - Uganda

On March 25, 2013 the Board of CompassioNow voted to begin supporting the medical clinic at the Village of Hope in Uganda. This Village is a refuge of peace and hope for children who have been rescued from the "Lord's Resistance Army" in Northern Uganda. CompassioNow has joined in the fight to rehabilitate these children who were abducted, abused and orphaned by this terrorist organization.


At the Village of Hope, they receive healthcare, counseling, skills training and most importantly love. CompassioNow is committed to assisting the effort to bring wholeness and restoration to these children as they enter adulthood, and create a new future for themselves, their families and their country.

These orphans and their siblings have been relocated to a place called the “Village.” It is 100 acres far from the affects of the war and memories of the LRA. They live in children’s homes with loving “moms”. The Village has a School where they can get an education that will provide them with the skills needed to succeed in their world and not “just survive.” There is spiritual nurturing and counseling to help them heal from the pains, wounds, and heartache from years of abduction, abandonment, and hopelessness. The medical clinic serves to treat their physical ailments.

At this point, the medical clinic primarily serves the orphans and the employees of the Village of Hope which is about 350 people. CompassioNow is working with the Village of Hope Clinic so that it can expand its operations and begin serving the surrounding local community which also is desperate for medical care and numbers in the thousands.


The Staff

The employed staff of the Village of Hope Clinic consists of Nurse Susan and Dr.” Mac” the Clinical Officer. CompassioNow will begin our support by providing the salaries of these indigenous healthcare professionals. 

Medical Issues

 Like most of East Africa, the people of this area suffer from many different infectious diseases including malaria, typhoid, fungal infections, upper respiratory infections and HIV AIDs. Also, due to dusty conditions and cooking on open fires, asthma from exposure to dust and smoke as well as burns and injuries occur from chopping word and building fires. If no treatment is available, these conditions worsen with opportunistic infections.