Rwanda Children Health Clinic

In March 2017 the CompassioNow Board of Directors approved a new partnership with Rwanda Children located in Ntarama, South of Kigali, Rwanda. This village was started in 2013 and has expanded into the Hunter Hanner Community of Hope with additional facilities to serve the surrounding community.  A recent addition is a new health center which provides healthcare professionals from Rwanda and other countries the opportunity to minister to the sick... especially to children who have nowhere else to turn. 


Rwanda Children exists to provide housing, food, family and hope to at-risk Rwandan children in the name of Jesus. With over 2,000 children currently receiving access to medical care through our insurance sponsorship, we seek to ensure thousands more at-risk children across Rwanda possess the medical insurance they need to live healthy, happy lives. The development of our own local clinic is a natural next step to serve the children in our village as well as the surrounding community. Rwanda Children also focuses on family training with emphasis on personal hygiene, nutrition as well as practical day to day needs with trust and reliance upon God's healing and love.

CompassioNow is currently working to supply the a variety of medical supplies to help initiate this new clinic which will be overseen by Nurse Esperance. 

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