29 Apr

Visit to Bobi Village

Bobi VillageBobi Village will provide food, shelter, and education for orphans displaced by war in Northern Uganda

This past February, we celebrated with the Village of Hope Uganda as they opened a second village in order to provide a home for more of Uganda’s many orphans and widows displaced by war. Hundreds of children live in IDP camps around the city of Gulu. Each night, these orphans sleep in a mud hut with no mattress, no blankets, and no safety. They become victims of abuse, rape, slave labor, and starvation. The new community, called Bobi Village, houses another 96 children, mostly 6th and 7th Grade students from nearby Gulu.

Orphans at Bobi VillageUgandan war orphans receiving care and shelter at Bobi Village

            The new village is about 90 minutes from the Bweyale Village, where 200 children currently live and attend school. Like the Bweyale Village, the Bobi Village will include homes for the children where they will live together with house moms, as well as a school and a medical clinic. One room in the school will serve as a Sunday morning church for the children, staff, and community. The village will also include farmland, which the children will cultivate to produce their own food. Approximately 40 additional children from the surrounding community will begin their schooling at Bobi Village as well.

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            Cindy Cunningham, founder of Village of Hope Uganda, recently explained that $365,000 was needed to build the 4 houses, 1 staff building, 1 school block with 4 classrooms, and the medical clinic, as well as provide for the care of 96 children and compensate all of the staff caring for them. The village currently employs 35 staff members, including, 4 house moms, 8 assistant house moms, 4 teachers, 1 headmaster, 1 nurse, 1 counselor, and 3 security guards. This funding also goes toward furnishings, supplies, and clothing needed for the year. “God has been pretty busy providing! We are so excited!” said Cunningham, regarding the support raised to fund this massive project.

            Through generous gifts from sponsors, CompassioNow was recently able to fund a new nurse for Bobi Village. Her name is Kevin; she is exceptionally experienced, compassionate, and on-call 24/7 – and her salary is just $212 a month. That’s less than many American nurses make in one shift!

Nurse KevinNurse Kevin treats a patient at Bobi Village in Uganda

            Eventually, Cunningham’s vision is for Village of Hope Uganda to house all of the elementary aged children at the new Bobi Village, while older students attending high school and skill training programs will be housed at the larger Bweyale Village.

            We at CompassioNow are thrilled to be partnering with this amazing group that is working to rescue more children from poverty, slavery, and despair.

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