Anne Kennedy


Anne Kennedy took a trip to Africa in 2006 to visit several orphanages and impoverished areas around Durban, South Africa, and became passionate about helping the least served people in this part of the world. Wanting more hands on involvement, she volunteered with CompassioNow at fundraising events and other tasks to further the awareness of the needs in Africa. She made a second trip to South Africa and Zambia in 2008 and then to Tanzania in 2013 with her husband Lee to investigate the projects CompassioNow was involved in.

Currently Anne is continuing her support of CompassioNow by working with the Compassion Tea Company, the sister entity to CompassioNow. Compassion Tea was co-founded in 2011 by her late husband Lee who served as president. She and her daughter are carrying on his legacy of helping the least served in rural Africa by donating all profits from tea sales to CompassioNow. This fulfilling work is a blessing to her and others who continue to support the work of Compassion Tea. As a board member of CompassioNow, Anne is enthusiastic about speaking for those who have no voice.